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Strip harvesting or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)


Strip Harvesting is a technique that has been used for Hair Transplantation since the 1960s. It was seen that the loss of hair has various reasons, some reversible by medication but many that couldn’t be. This technique is as the same suggests cuts a strip from the Donor area and transplants it into the Recipient area. This technique has been highly successful all over the world and is still prevalent today. Hair Free Hair Grow has done 700+ of FUT with complete success.

Necessities before FUT begins:

Hair Free Hair Grow checks the Follicular Level Density, Follicular Level Composition and Scalp Elasticity.


  • Follicular Level Density is checked so that we can ascertain how many hair grafts can be extracted from the Donor Area. Ideally, it is believed that 40 Follicular Units per cm square is at least required for a successful procedure.
  • Follicular Level Composition is usually twice or thrice the amount of Follicular Units. We make our priority to check it so that we can tell our clients the amount of success they will get before the procedure itself.
  • Scalp Elasticity. The greater the elasticity of scalp, the wider the donor strip can be harvested. Calculating the scalp elasticity also helps in predicting the difficulty of closing the harvest area and the technique of closing it.


There is a formula that goes with this: No. of Follicular Units desired to harvest = Follicular Unit Density * Area of Donor strip. Using precise mathematical formulas and by optimization of Scientific tools, we maximize the success of FUT.

Misconceptions about FUT:

  • Leaves a scar: It is often believed that the FUT technique will leave a scar in the Donor area which is visible or can cause inflammatory issues later. This phenomenon is because the surgeon isnt skilled enough but at Hair Free Hair Grow, our surgeons have been doing FUT treatment for over 4 years and our success rate is impeccable.
  • Our doctors close the wound by either the Trichophytic method (where the wound is overlapped by creating an incision nearly 1mm within the wound’s surface) or by Stapling lightly (which is removed 7 to 10 days later and the scar becomes almost nonexistent within a year of the procedure).
  • Outdated method: There have been regular innovations in this technique which has increased its success rate immensely. A small story of innovation will explain its growth. Earlier surgeons needed to make a cut of 6mm which was causing patients a lot of discomfort, now an expert surgeon needs to just cut 1mm to 3mm to get maximum hair strands.
  • Cheaper thus not the best: Yes this technique is a little cheaper than any other technique but when it is used in combination with other remedies, FUT has shown huge successes. And do remember a Old is Gold.

Our Technique

Before and After

FUE Hair Transplant Technique

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