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B-FUE Hair Transplant Technique


This (FUE) Follicular Unit Hair transplant is catered for clients who wish to have an affordable in hair transplant cost and also comparatively faster procedure than FUT. Here we represents its positives and methodical efficiencies:

Each individual follicular unit is removed from the scalp during a FUE hair transplant. Your doctor can collect hair from the donor region with less obvious thinning of the area since the hair follicles are plucked in a random pattern. Hair is extracted via Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) through minute circular incisions made on the scalp.

B-Fue Hair Transplant Procedure

A. Fue Session Timeline: We achieve a FUE hair Transplant goal of 3000-4000 Grafts within a day’s procedure.

B. Punch: We use Simple Punch for this fue hair transplant procedure. It is effective and eases extraction.

C. Blade used: In B-FUE hair transplant Sapphire Tip Blade alongside needle is used for maximum effectiveness.

D. Graft Storage and Temperature:In FUE hair transplant in India We store Grafts in RL and use Fridge/Chiller RL to maintain graft temperature during implantation.

E. Magnification: We use Magnification of 2x to 3x in this Fue hair transplant procedure.

F. Graft Survival: The graft survival rate is good and the hair retention also remains constant overtime.

G. Graft Damage: The damages to graft is low during implantation in B-Fue hair implantation.

H. Method: We use Forceps in BIO-FUE procedure.

Cost Of B-Fue Hair Transplant

A Manual FUE hair transplant is done by a physician using a handheld device to extract the individual hair follicles.

When considering a hair restoration process, the first thing that many individuals want to know is how much the hair transplant surgery will cost. It’s critical to remember that there is no set price for hair transplants; instead, prices might range greatly. Most hair transplant procedures are priced according to the number of grafts required to cover the thinning hair area. For more detail about cost click on Hair transplant cost

Hair Transplant Cost in india is depends on many factors. These factors are related to the place where the clinic is situated and also upon the Baldness stage of a client. And even from clinic to clinic within the same city, location, or even premises, it might vary. But never forget, quality matters more than the cost! Some of the major factors which affect Hair Transplant cost for exact fue hair transplant cost click on Fue hair transplant price

B-Fue Hair Transplant Side Effects

Is that due to Improper Fue hair implantation and carelessness of surgeons causes these Fue side effects, some side effects have minor effect but some side effect created major problem to the be carefull while choosing best fue transplantation center. We all knows that every thing have some positive and negative effect so don’t worry only choose trusted clinic like Hairfree & Hairgrow clinic.

Well one thing you will never find as a Side Effect, and that is that we at HairFree HairGrow ensure that your Hair Regrows through Surgical or Non-Surgical methods. We provide services with quality and cost which won’t be provided anywhere else. And all these side-effects shy away from our team of Expert Doctors working throughout India, to Keep India Care-free while HairFree HairGrow grows their Hair Freely!

Fue Hair Transplant vs Fut

1. FUE hair transplant is very simple & easy process than FUT

2. Time require for of FUE is less as compare to FUT hair transplant

3. FUE treatment is less painless than FUT

4. In Fue hair implantation surgery you can not seen any scar after hair transplant treatment

5. Before after hair transplant results Of FUE is best than FUT method You can see our best hair transplant results here

Advantages Of B-FUE Hair Transplant Technique:

Advantages Of B-FUE Hair Transplant Technique:

1. The amount of graft implantation in FUE hair transplants is 4000 grafts per day.

2. The graft survival rate is good in this fue hair transplant procedure

3. Graft damage is kept under control and occurrence of buried hair is slim.

4. Simple punch is used, which has been tried and tested for a long time in HT.

5. The pricing is the least but the quality of FUE hair transplant at HFHG is always the best.

6. If you have Baldness problem and finding the best painless Fue hair transplant clinic in India, Then hairfree Hairgrow is the best painless & safer in affordable cost hair transplant center in India. our branches are available in Pune, Surat, Gurugram, Kolkata, Bhopal,Ahmedabad & Hyderabad you can visit your near by branches Please contact us on:+91-98718 90658 or Whatsapp: 90658

Our Technique

Before and After

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