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BIG-FUE Hair Transplant Technique


This procedure is specially catered to people who want to have access to the best in our entire Hair Transplant industry. The best equipment are brought to bring forth the best results. Along with special graft storage, we also use special punch and ideal temperature to get for you a Transplant which stays with you forever.

A. Session Timeline: This procedure takes place between 1 to 2 days with Hair grafts up to 3000 a day.

B. Punch: We use Serrated Sharp Harris Punch for lesser tissue damage and easy extraction.

C. Blade: Sapphire Tip Blade is used in the procedure. This gemstone has proven to cause lesser tissue damage thus easing recovery.

D. Graft Storage and Temperature: The Hair Graft is stored in Hypothermosol solution and Growth Factor to provide best results. Graft chiller a specific device to keep Hair Grafts at right temperature for Transplantation is used.

E. Magnification: We use 3x to 4x magnifier in this procedure.

F. Graft survival: The survival rate of hair graft is the highest as compared to other procedures. This leads to best HT results.

G. Graft Damage: There is nearly 0% damage to grafts as added care and technology is used to ensure maximum results. H. Method: In this procedure only KEEP Implanter is used.

Advantages of BIG-FUE Technique:

1. Best results are achievable because the Advance machinery is used.

2. KEEP implanter is being used for the insertion of grafts without any damage.

3. Serrated Sharp punch and Harris blade are used to minimize bleeding and get good grafts.

4. Graft survival is the best amongst all three FUE hair transplant techniques as graft chiller and further hypothermosol solution is used to maintain temperature.

5. Graft Damage is guaranteed to be Near Zero percent.

6. Lastly it is the best Hair Transplant you can gift yourself.

For BIG-FUE hair transplant cost details click on Hair transplant cost and contact us on +91-98718 90658

Our Technique

Before and After

What is BIG-FUE?

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