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Hair Transplant Services

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Body Hair Transplant


Sometimes a patient’s grade of hair or the quantity of the hair grafts is not enough to get the best Hair Transplant. But there is a solution for that too. Your body hair can be used too for hair transplantation. Beard hair or chest hair is usually preferred for hair transplantation then.

Beard hair is the second most preferable hair graft for HT because it grows the longest and also has a longer life as compared to hair from other areas in the body. Chest hair can be used but generally they don’t grow to adequate lengths and thus you have to keep your hair at a constant height, otherwise, it will look unnatural.

Body hair is a substitute and not the final solution to Hair Transplant and these are used as last resort. Hair Free and Hair Grow will use this hair to their best potential and will provide you with the best solutions and also with solutions which stay for longer and make you look amazing. Body hair or any hair we will give you your money worth and you just have to relax while HFHG grows your hair with great care.

With increasing demands to cover the advanced grades of the baldness, body hair are the next resources to tap for. It can be performed by harresting grafts from beard, chest, under arms, legs and bubic hairs. By considering the facts about behaviour and different hair cycles of different areas body hair transplant can be done whenever there is a need.

Beard is a source of about 2000-3000 grafts is a good donor thus should be the second best resource after scalp grafts for hair transplantation. Beard hairs are easy to extract. They are resistant to the effect of male harmone. A smart(good) way of mixing the beard hair with scalp grafts can give coverage of large areas. Also in case of the limited number of scalp grafts; it can be mixed with scalp grafts to make the crown denser.

In similarly chest hair graft harvesting could be the next option in case of large recipient area thickness, density and length are parameters to decide for sutability of chest hair grafts extraction.

We do advise shaving of chest 7-10 days prior to extraction to select anagen hair follicles.

Grafts of underarms, legs, pubic hairs can be used in case of limited, scanty donor areas as compaied to the large recepient area

Technique used for body hair transplant

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) method is generally performed for body hair transplant which is carried out under local anasthesia

With a complete knowledge and experience of different body hair; body hair transplant can be performed to increase the density of scalp by covering the large areas.

Hair Transplant Services

Before and After

What is Body Hair Transplant?

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