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What is Folliculitis?


Folliculitis is the name given to a group of skin conditions in which there are inflamed hair follicles. There is always a red spot with a pustule on the skin. Folliculitis may be superficial or deep. It can affect any place where there is a presence of hair, including chest, buttocks, back, arms, and legs. Acne and its variants are also types of folliculitis. Folliculitis can be due to infection, occlusion (blockage), irritation, and various skin diseases. Folliculitis can be due to bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viral infections, parasitic infections, and many others. Taking medications to curb down the folliculitis and suppress the cause of irritation can lead to a stoppage of hair loss. Eosinophils are present whenever there is an inflammation in the body thus treatment may also include immunosuppressants.

Hair Loss by Folliculitis isn’t a lot but it can lead to major hair loss if you allow it to stay and ignore it. So come today at Hair Free Hair Grow and get the best solutions for this problem.

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What is Folliculitis​?

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