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Hair Transplant Technique- I-FUE


This procedure is catered towards our clients who wish to get Best results with better equipment and are willing to commit more than 1 day to achieve results. This procedure also includes better graft storage facility to maximize Transplantation results.

A. Session Timeline : This procedure is planned for 1 to 2 days, with maximum grafts of up to 3000 in a session.

B. Punch: We use Serrated Sharp Harris Punch. The risk of a tissue damage is minimum and thus healing becomes faster.

C. Blade: We use Sapphire Tip blade as this gemstone’s blades are strong and have Antimicrobial qualities. Scarring and tissue damage is minimized by it.

D. Graft Storage and Temperature: Grafts are stored with RL+PRP and the temperature of graft is maintained by Fridge and Chiller for RL and PRP.

E. Magnification: The magnification used is 3x to 4x.

F. Graft Survival: The Graft Survival is great and Hair Retention also is better than A-FUE.

G. Graft Damage: graft damage is negligible as Chiller provides ideal temperature for Hair grafts.

H. Method: SAVA needle is the Needle Implanter used here.

What is the cost of I-FUE hair transplant

A Manual I-FUE hair transplant is done by a physician using a handheld device to extract the individual hair follicles. I-FUE hair transplant cost per graft is 30+Rs. When considering a hair restoration process, the first thing that many individuals want to know is how much the hair transplant surgery will cost. It’s critical to remember that there is no set price for hair transplants; instead, prices might range greatly. Most hair transplant procedures are priced according to the number of grafts required to cover the thinning hair area. For more detail about cost click on Hair transplant cost

Advantages of I-FUE:

1. I-FUE is our innovation in FUE where we use many of the best technological products in Hair Transplant industry today.

2. We also preserve the Hair Follicle in Chillers which are specifically designed to maintain the temperature of graft.

3. The freshness of the graft is maintained, thus we give the best HT with best hair line.

4. In this procedure we do about 3000 hair grafts in a day, but if the graft quantity is more then we require the 2nd day too.

If you have baldness problem and searching for best FUE hair transplant center in India, then your search is over now beacuse Hairfree & Hairgrow is the best hair transplant clinic in India.contcat Hairfree & Hairgrow call on +91-98718 90658 or WhatsApp: 90658

Our Technique

Before and After

What is I-FUE Technique-?

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