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Eyebrow reconstruction

Eyebrow reconstruction


Eyebrows and strands of hair have the same connection as fire and oil in that one enhances the other and provides ablaze for the other. Eyebrows are thus extremely important, and they must be maintained at all times. Hair from the brows has been shown to fall due to excessive pulling or other reasons such as cicatricial, alopecia areata, to specify.

However, at Hair Free Hair Grow, we deliver the best treatment for reshaping your brows. Eyebrow transplantation usually takes a few hours because there aren't many hair grafts to be transplanted, but it must be done by a skilled doctor because the angling and insertion of hair grafts must be flawless so that the eyebrow looks natural.

Eyebrows can also be reconstructed by concealing them with cosmetics or by using certain medications, but the results are either delayed or do not last long. As a result, you should visit Hair Free Hair Grow for brow transplantation.

Eyebrow hair transplant and micro blading

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrows are an important part of making a person pretty. However, brows can be lost (partial or complete hair loss) in some people due to medical or congenital reasons. However, with the help of an eyebrow restoration procedure, anyone can now have perfectly arched eyebrows. Because thin strands from the back of the scalp are used in this procedure, the client receives a permanent solution while maintaining a natural appearance. This process is virtually painless and takes only a week to recover from.


Microblading is another technique that can produce semi-permanent results. It is ideal for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, hide gaps, or fill in over plucked brows, as well as those who only want to add a small area.

A special microblading pen is often used to draw individual strokes one by one during this process. It is a non-invasive office procedure that can be performed by applying local anaesthetic cream one hour before the procedure. There is no downtime and no special care is required, except a quick touch-up once a year.

Eyebrow designing

In contrast to scalp hair, brow hair is fine, soft, and thin. A female prefers her brows to be arched, whereas a male prefers his brows to be uniformly thick and dense throughout, with no arch. To achieve a natural appearance, surgery should be done in such a manner that the density of hair is higher in the centre, becoming narrower but denser laterally. Also, eyebrow patterns vary depending on facial bony structure; therefore, brow design should take into account all of these factors.