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BIG-FUE Techniques

BIG-FUE Hair Transplant

This procedure is designed specifically for people who want to have access to the best in the Hair Transplant Industry. The best equipment is brought in to produce the best results. Along with special graft storage, we also use a special punch and the ideal temperature to provide you with a Transplant that will last a lifetime.

  • Session Timeline: This procedure takes 1 to 2 days and includes up to 3000 hair grafts per day.
  • Punch: For less tissue damage and easier extraction, we use a Serrated Sharp Harris Punch.
  • Blade: The procedure employs a Sapphire Tip Blade. This gemstone has been shown to cause less tissue damage, thereby facilitating recovery.
  • Graft Storage and Temperature: To achieve the best results, the hair graft is stored in a Hypothermosol solution containing Growth Factor. Graft chillers are used to keep hair grafts at the proper temperature for transplantation
  • Magnification: In this process, we use a magnifier with a magnification of 3x to 4x.
  • Graft survival: When compared to other procedures, hair graft survival is the greatest. This results in the best HT results
  • Graft Damage: Grafts are nearly damage-free because extra care and technology are used to achieve full results.
  • Method: Only the keep Implanter is used in this procedure.

Why go for BIG-FUE?

The BIG-FUE Technique has the following advantages:

  • The best results are achieved because advanced machinery is used.
  • The KEEP implanter is used to insert grafts without causing any damage.
  • To minimise bleeding and obtain good grafts, a serrated Sharp punch and a Harris blade are used.
  • Graft survival is the best of all three FUE techniques because graft chillers and hypothermosol solution are used to keep the temperature stable.
  • Graft damage is guaranteed to be near nil.