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B Fue Techniques

B-FUE Hair Transplant

This FUE is designed for clients who want a less expensive and faster procedure. Here are its advantages and methodical efficiencies:

  • Timeline for the Session: We achieve a Transplant goal of 3000-4000 Grafts in a single day's procedure.
  • Punch: For this procedure, we use Simple Punch. It makes extraction easier.
  • The Latest SS blade is used. For maximum effectiveness, the blade is used in conjunction with the needle.
  • Graft Temperature and Storage: We store grafts in RL and use Chilled RL to keep the graft temperature stable during implantation.
  • Magnification: In this procedure, we use magnifications ranging from 2x to 3x.
  • Graft Survival: The graft survival rate is high, and hair retention is consistent over time.
  • Graft Damage: Graft damage is minimal during implantation.
  • Method: Implanter Forceps are used in the BIO-FUE procedure.

What are the benefits of B-FUE hair transplant?

The following are the benefits of the B-FUE technique:

  • The maximum number of transplants per day is 4000.
  • The graft survival rate in this procedure is high
  • Graft damage is kept under control, and the likelihood of buried hair is low.
  • A simple punch, which has been tried and tested in HT for a long time, is used.
  • Although the pricing is the lowest, the quality of FUE at HFHG is always the highest.